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Josh Bowman,


Ed.M, Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2019
B.A., Stanford University, 2014

Josh learned at Machon Shlomo and Rabbi Klein's Chabura in Jerusalem. In 2016, he was awarded the title National Master from the United States Chess Federation. Josh teaches passionately in both English and Hebrew. He is excited about how we can bring communities together to develop our minds through chess.

About Josh
Josh Bowman

Chess Chevra Communities

Baltimore, MD
Boca Raton, FL
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Detroit, MI
Five Towns, NY
Jerusalem, Israel
Dallas, TX
Kiryat Sefer, Israel
Lakewood, NJ
Los Angeles, CA
Ma’ale Adumim, Israel
Miami, FL
New York, NY
Passaic, NJ
Edison, NJ
Johannesburg, South Africa
Philadelphia, PA
Manchester, United Kingdom
Monsey, NY
Phoenix, AZ
London, United Kingdom
Seattle, WA
Silver Spring, MD
Sunnyvale, CA
Telz-Stone, Israel
Toronto, Canada
Milwaukee, WI
Sydney, Australia

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"My boys love chess classes with Josh! They come to class excited and ready to learn. Josh manages to capture their attention, and teach them new moves at the same time. I highly recommend signing up!”

Mother of 6-year-old boys, Passaic, NJ


"Chess Chevra helps frum kids continually improve at the classic game that even Rebbes played. Josh gives clear, valuable strategies and is pleasant and encouraging. A great experience!”

Mother of 10-year-old boy, Milwaukee, WI


"My son enjoyed the classes by Josh. They were professional and challenging. I liked that he was playing with other religious boys around the world! Highly recommended for some wholesome fun!"

Mother of 14-year-old boy, Phoenix, AZ

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